Rabu, 2 Februari 2011

100 cedera protes di MESIR

Pertempuran telah berlaku diantara protestant pro-dan anti-kerajaan di Kaherah ibu negara Mesir.
Penunjuk perasaan dari kedua-dua belah pihak melemparkan batu antara satu sama lain di Tahrir Square, pusat demonstrasi berlansungnya penentangan terhadap Presiden Hosni Mubarak. 
Al-Jazeera , melaporkan dari tempat kejadian, mengatakan bahawa lebih dari 100 orang cedera dalam pertengkaran tersebut .

pertempuran di Tahrir Square
more information:
from aljazeera.net

Clashes have broken out between pro- and anti-government demonstrators in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Protesters from both sides threw stones at each other in Tahrir Square, the epicentre of ongoing opposition demonstrations against President Hosni Mubarak.

Al Jazeera correspondents, reporting from the scene, said that more than a 100 people were injured in the clashes and in a stampede that started when trouble broke out.
Earlier, witnesses said thousands of pro-Mubarak supporters had entered the square. Opposition groups said Mubarak had sent in thugs to suppress the protest.

Also in Cairo, Al Jazeera's Jane Dutton, said that "hundreds of anti-government supporters were running from the square, including many women and children".

Another Al Jazeera correspondent said men on horseback and camels ran into the crowds, as army personnel stood by. The correspondent added that more horses and camels are arriving into the square.

Al Jazeera's online producer in Cairo said rocks were continously being thrown from both sides.

He also said that tens of thousands of people from Mubarak's supporters are coming up to Tahrir square.

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"The army had barricades to block them off but they got through them and the army let them through.
"The people on horses are pro-Mubarak supporters, they are a very angry crowd looking for anyone working for Al Jazeera and for Americans. They are trying to get on the other side of the army tanks to get to the anti-Mubarak supporters. More and more pro-Mubarak supporters are coming in and for now the army is acting as a buffer."

Jane Dutton also said that security guards have also been seen amongst the pro-Mubarak supporters, and it may be a precursor to the feared riot police arriving on the scene.

Dutton added that a journalist with the Al-Arabiya channel was stabbed during the clashes.

Fighting took place around army tanks deployed around the square, with stones bouncing off the armoured vehicles. Soldiers did not intervene.

Several groups were involved in fist fights, and some were using clubs.  The opposition also said many among the pro-Mubarak crowd were policemen in plainclothes.
"Members of security forces dressed in plain clothes and a number of thugs have stormed Tahrir Square," three opposition groups said in a statement.

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